Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Brief Interlude

I am a woman of many dreams. 

One of them being to own an artist market. I love shops like Detroit's mercantile and Ferndale's Rust Belt Market. When I walk inside I feel community, I feel creativity, I feel love and all the emotions that come with love. However, in college this dream wasn't as articulate in my mind as it is today. I started Monster Michigan with three other friends as a means to start selling our art/craft in a group setting. But as life gets in the way my dance partners change. I, as an individual, find new friends to share art with and archive other projects. So in some cases, life experience has been my mercantile. 

Monster Michigan is not just a store, it's a story of an artist finding her own voice and her place in the wide community at her feet. 

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